Cotor Splash fills and drift eliminators for cooling towers

LOLIPAN Splash Fills

LOLIPAN Splash Bars

LOLIPAN splash bars are fills for cooling towers. Our units are manufactured using high quality components and all their functions are carefully tested. Made of filled polypropylene, LOLIPAN splash bars are corrosion-free and easy to assemble with the main sides facing each other vertically. LOLIPAN splash bars are ideal for all types of cooling towers, in particular counter flow cooling towers. Our panels can not only withstand high-temperature water jets but also be highly efficient even when dirty.

DRICONPLUS Drift Eliminators

DRICONPLUS Drift Eliminators

DRICONPLUS are innovative drift eliminators suitable for cooling towers, air handling units and gas turbine air intake ducts. Their baffles are corrosion-free, made of filled polypropylene and easy to assemble with the main sides facing each other parallel and horizontally. DRICONPLUS drift eliminators have a high mechanical resistance and they are easy to clean and sanitize. Efficiency can be increased up to extremely high levels, which means that 100% of the water droplets can be retained.

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